Jammer memberRacerSocial posted Feb 11, 18

RWB Racing International are proud to announce our Partnership with the VR Gamehouse Amsterdam as our official Sponsor.

If you are ever in Amsterdam, wander into their store where you can experience various different games in VR. 
They also have 2 Playseat Racing rigs running Project Cars 2 for the ultimate VR experience.


RWB Racing International -

RWB Sinoob memberRacer nothing by the sound of it :p maybe we are just free advertising
Audi75 memberRaceronline Just a bit curious, what does this sponsorship do for RWB?

Welcome to 2018!!

Rodders adminmemberRacer posted Jan 4, 18

I hope everyone had a nice time over the festive period - there were certainly a few smashed people online, including myself, though I don't recall Charger falling asleep with his head jamming his push-to-talk key on and snoring down the voice chat :D


Lots of us were having a Christmas hiatus from racing and playing other stuff. PUBG is always there for a few of us but Euro/American truck simulator seen a lot of action and seems to be gaining a bit of a following! I bought The Division and, ahem, pretty much never played it lol. Was having too much fun racing :) - I hope everyone realises that other games are for Christmas, but racing is for life and we see you back soon ;)


So, what's ahead for RWB in 2018?


Well to start with we are no longer RWB Racing UK and I'm proud to say we've finally moved with the times and are now to be known as…………….. RWB Racing International! This reflects the very international membership of the club now with, if my calculations are correct, people from about 10 different countries. One person does give us cover in both Norway and Germany though :D


The GTE American Cup is well underway with the 3rd race, and first night race, this weekend. 38 people signed up for 32 places but I suspect with the normal retention rates seen in leagues, everyone that wants a space will be able to get one for the remainder of the league, either as a sub or taking over a slot someone has dropped out from. Get in touch if you aren't sure whether to practice/turn up for the race.


Future racing wise, well I've got about 10 different league ideas to try out, Audi is getting his mini-league re-established and is using the new Online Championship mode to run it, which is a little buggy but a very nice way to run the event. We are watching how that feature develops and would love to use it for future leagues. The next ART vs RWB race is available for signup - HERE - a dual class race around Spa.


A reminder that everyone in the club is welcome to put up an event. If you don't have the access needed to the club events calendar, just let an admin know. Tuesdays tend to be the most available day but you can do any day you want.


Speaking of Admins, our newest one, Speeddmon, has been sadly absent recently. He had a loss in the family when his graphics card died and he's unable to get a new one atm. He seems to be using the opportunity to get some life shit done that happens when you have no PC to play on anymore :) - here's to Speed making it back on track soon and normal efforts to keep up with him commence.


Project Cars 2 is well set to be the main racer for 2018. We've got more DLC coming along with (I hope) lots of bug fixes and of course a change to the dreaded slowdown penalties. For the time being I certainly plan to make the most of what is still a cracking racing game, even with the flaws and irritations.


There is going to be an on-going emphasis on the effect lag is having to our racing experience with the aim to eliminate the worst of it as much as possible. It really sucks for those who are causing it who will have to miss out but after seeing some shocking examples of how bad it is, with cars several car lengths out of position to where it looks like they are and cars driving through one another, we have no choice. I am convinced that the relatively scrappy last ART vs RWB race was largely down to lag issues and it really harms the racing experience, especially in big races.


The last burning question is, who will go DD wheel this year! There was a big bunch of Fannytec upgrades late last year so many have some nice new shiny shiny but there seems to be a growing momentum to go DD and TBH, it's the logical next place to go for many as no decent belt drive upgrade for them exists, so I suspect a few will make the plunge.


Cheers - Rodders.

Rodders adminmemberRacer Well Al was proven right and this DD question has been answered :d - honestly never expected to get one so soon. Cannae ...
Ghost memberRacer Looking forward to the FeelVR coming out next month see what that's like for DD wheel
McWeaksauce memberRacer I'm waiting to see what that new Fannytec DD will be like. Might make the plunge then instead of V2.5

Another Welcome to All New Members!!

Rodders adminmemberRacer posted Dec 5, 17

My last post called out the new members that have joined us since Project Cars 2 came out but they keep on coming so please say hello to everyone that's joined the club since my last news post!



Hayden McLaren

Brandon Dove








Wired 24/7


It's bloomin fantastic to have so many new people racing with us but it also brings challenges for us to maintain our reputation for clean racing. 

RWB work hard to keep our races clean, be it fun 5 lappers or 80 lap endurance races. No one enjoys getting shunted or pushed off track but with so many new people, all with slightly different takes on what's fair and what isn't. I'd ask that all new (and some old lol) members read our driving standards carefully -

I'd pay particular attention to the Passing Etiquette section as we see more disagreements over incidents in this area than any other. When the admins look at incidents and dish out penalties or have to speak to a racer, it will be based on the standards above and we have taken great care to try and make them as unambiguous as possible. Whether you agree with them or not is beside the point - this is what we follow so when you race with us you will be expected to also.

If anyone wants anything clarified please just ask!

Finally, always remember our golden rule - nudge, bump, smash or otherwise get past someone by forcing or hitting them out of the way and you are expected to give the place back, no matter how many places you lose in doing so. Some incidents it's not clear who was at fault but for many it is, so be a gentleman and do the decent thing! It really helps RWB stay a great respectfull place to race.

Thanks - Rodders.

CaptainSloth memberRacer Hello everyone :)

Project Cars 2 fever has taken hold at RWB!

Rodders adminmemberRacer posted Oct 31, 17

I think it's safe to say that we've found our main sim racer for a while - Project Cars 2 was released on 29th September and I think most of us have been very pleasantly surprised at how good it really is. The genre leading graphics were expected but what wasn't was the quality of the FFB, the sound of the cars and how much of a more detailed simulation the sequel is to the original.


A month in and the regulars are at it, many long term members that never really took to Automobilista are back and we've had a flurry of new members too since the game came out - 11 in total - all of whom are listed below. I'm sure most of you have ran into them already (the hello ran into not the crash ran into - good chance the latter has happened too though :)) -











Andy Grear Hardy



Please join me in a big welcome to them all.


There are also a number of regulars joining us too and all this has really re-energised the club. I can't lie it was a tough slog at times keeping interest and attendance up for AMS but that is thankfully no longer a problem with the huge popularity of Project Cars again showing that it's hard to beat having a large user base to draw from to help keep the blood flowing at a club.


On that front there was the sad news that REVS, whom we've collaborated and raced with on several occasions, shut up shop a few weeks ago. Kevin listed above ran things over there but it unfortunately was getting too difficult getting a decent interest and attendance at races. I am however glad to say that him and some others from REVS have joined RWB so I hope they find what they want here. Kevin is trying to keep interest in rFactor2 races going and if that game interests you I encourage you to give Kev a shout and look out for the races in rF2 he is putting up.


The AMS Formula Ultimate league is just keeping going. A planned 20 round league has however had to be shrunk down to an 8 round league so we have a chance of finishing it. It's such a shame these Formula Ultimate cars didn't come out 6 months earlier as in my mind they are the best sim racing car I've ever driven. This will likely be the last league we run in AMS but watch out for the odd one-off event.


Rygel has kicked of our first Project Cars 2 (trial) league with 4 weeks of the GT5 on all British tracks which starts tonight (31st October) and work has begun on our first full league in the game which should be announced soon. Saying that, MP stability still has a question mark over it. Recent changes to the dedi networking has helped a lot but we'll be keeping a close eye on how things develop on that front and if need be will just keep running single events till we think it is ready.


We should also be running more ART vs RWB races going forward after the phenomenal success of the first race with them. It was hands down the best cross club race we've ever done and I hope we get an event monthly. The next one is being organised by ART and we should be hearing about it soon.


All in it's an exciting time to be sim racing at RWB and I'm looking forward to sharing in it with you all.


Cheers - Rodders.

Dan77 SOLO memberRacer Welcome to the new guys, And a big Thank you has to go out to Rodders and the guys who take time out to organise all of ...
RWB al gartner memberRacer Welcome to the new youngsters and gratz to Rodders for a very well said intro to the incoming features :)
Marco memberRacer Yep...welcome to new members 'and old' and nice to be back to healthy lobby numbers on a consistent basis...go...


Rodders adminmemberRacer posted Aug 14, 17

It's quiet….too quiet……………..


Yes there has been a big Summer lull of late but summers over kids, time to get your helmet back on as it's almost here. Need I even name it……………………..?


Project Cars 2 is released on 22nd September and from what I can gather peeps are rather excited about it! I must admit after early apprehension, I am too. A lot of the issues sound like they have been fixed or improved and my pre-order is made!


Assuming all the pre-hype isn't just bollocks, I expect this will take off in the club in a big way and am watching out for the dedicated server so we can have one running on day 1.


AMS, as much as I think it's the best racing sim out there, never got the mainstream acceptance it needed to sustain itself well and one issue we certainly will not have with Pcars 2 is a shortage of players out there. It'll hopefully put some lifeblood back into the club and see an influx of new drivers which any club needs to keep going.


Where we go after it comes out - who knows - but I'm excited about it and I know many of you are too. In 6 weeks we find out……………..


In the meantime the big Full F1 season in the Formula Ultimate's is starting up on 2nd September and the Caterham league on 9th September. Both are pending getting enough signups.


The plan was to keep AMS for league racing and Pcars 2 for the casual racing but TBH all bets are off ATM until we see how Pcars 2 works out. I make no predictions other than there's lots of racing action coming up and I hope you'll all be there.


Thanks - Rodders.


PS - in the meantime I encourage you to buy Farming Sim 17. Charger loves it.

danraz3r Ohh i would like to join catherham and f1 , i hope it is not late...but i would be interesed in knowing when are run the...
CaptainSloth memberRacer Maaaaaybe i'll buy farming simulator after i got enough for a vr.......
mikoskye Very much hoping to come back soon - did myself a huge diservice by fracturing my ankle and destroying most of the ligam...
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