Rodders a posted Aug 14, 17

It's quiet….too quiet……………..


Yes there has been a big Summer lull of late but summers over kids, time to get your helmet back on as it's almost here. Need I even name it……………………..?


Project Cars 2 is released on 22nd September and from what I can gather peeps are rather excited about it! I must admit after early apprehension, I am too. A lot of the issues sound like they have been fixed or improved and my pre-order is made!


Assuming all the pre-hype isn't just bollocks, I expect this will take off in the club in a big way and am watching out for the dedicated server so we can have one running on day 1.


AMS, as much as I think it's the best racing sim out there, never got the mainstream acceptance it needed to sustain itself well and one issue we certainly will not have with Pcars 2 is a shortage of players out there. It'll hopefully put some lifeblood back into the club and see an influx of new drivers which any club needs to keep going.


Where we go after it comes out - who knows - but I'm excited about it and I know many of you are too. In 6 weeks we find out……………..


In the meantime the big Full F1 season in the Formula Ultimate's is starting up on 2nd September and the Caterham league on 9th September. Both are pending getting enough signups.


The plan was to keep AMS for league racing and Pcars 2 for the casual racing but TBH all bets are off ATM until we see how Pcars 2 works out. I make no predictions other than there's lots of racing action coming up and I hope you'll all be there.


Thanks - Rodders.


PS - in the meantime I encourage you to buy Farming Sim 17. Charger loves it.

danraz3r Ohh i would like to join catherham and f1 , i hope it is not late...but i would be interesed in knowing when are run the...
CaptainSloth Maaaaaybe i'll buy farming simulator after i got enough for a vr.......
justbeingmiko Very much hoping to come back soon - did myself a huge diservice by fracturing my ankle and destroying most of the ligam...

Club Update

Rodders a posted Jun 14, 17

It's been a while since we had a club update message so without further ado, here it is!


We'll soon have 3 full AMS leagues under our belt and on the league racing front the club is still pretty strong. 15-20 racers per league race is pretty good and actually compares well to the numbers we got in Project Cars. The leagues have certainly brought some exciting racing along with the added toughness of serious racing in AMS.


While I think AMS is a great racer for running event style racing, it comes up short on 2 things. Drop in drop out casual racing and user base (the 2 are intrinsically linked). With the mid-week racing in a bit of a lull (more on that later) it's really brought into focus how much the club is missing offering that "just turn up and get a race" to its members. About a year ago, on any given night, you could usually get a group of people on racing plus with Project Cars there was always a public lobby available if you wanted one.


So what I am saying is that while league racing is going well, the mid-week events have dried up and we've lost that "every night" racing that used to really help keep the blood flowing in the club.


The solution - TBH I'm not quite sure - I did however want to acknowledge the issue as one I hope we can fix and let you know plans going forward.


The mid-week racing lull is really down to time and energy for peeps to organise things, and turnout. I had to take a step back a few months ago as I was simply spending way too much of my time, organising up to 3 races a week at times. Others have had spurts of putting things up but the fact is we have a lack of people able to regularly come up with and run races mid week and even when we do get mid-week races the turnout is generally poor, often struggling to get 10 people on the grid. For that I simply call out again that anyone with ideas and the motivation to run races is welcome to do so.


On the more casual front I suspect that the appearance of a certain racing game sequel in September this year may well re-fuel that fire. When we moved over to AMS I always knew it wasn't a casual drop in racer. I'd expected Pcars to stick around and fill that gap but people drifted from it way more than expected, leading to it simply dropping off our race radar. While I personally think Pcars 2 will retain some of the things I really don't like about it (the relatively crap FFB for a start) the fact is a lot of people in the club are going to want to play it and it looks all set to be even more popular that the original with the punters. This will mean we have peeps in the club playing it plus a massive user base to potentially re-invigorate the club roster. It's likely inevitable we'll be playing Pcars again soon.


So the short to medium term future plans for the club are….


  • Continue with AMS for league and event races - we are about to have a summer break from the league and will run a series of one-off events over the summer with a new league in August/September.
  • See if anyone comes forward with some mid-week race ideas and runs them
  • Wait for Pcars 2 to try and fill the casual racing gap again
  • Maybe Dirt 4 can fill the casual racing in the meantime?
  • And it's not all racing racing racing - peeps are into a lot of games and obviously it's great if members can find a gaming fix on other genres. PUBG is obviously the game of the moment for many :)


In the longer term, the next Reiza game is certainly one I'll be watching. If they can make the racing experience and FFB as good as AMS but with modern graphics and other new lovely stuff, it's going to be one hell of a game. It'll no doubt be more of a sim again though so we'll need a Pcars type game too as it's clear that if we are a one trick sim heavy pony that the club slowly suffers so I'm going to do all I can to not let that happen.


I'd love to hear your thoughts about the club, where it is and where it could go. Nothing's set in stone other than a desire for getting great racing experiences and having fun :)



Jammer Thanks for this rodders. I think this really sums things up for me recently. Although p cars had its flaws the plug and ...
RWB al gartner Good summary about the in and outs Rodders :) > AMS should stand as reference for league as it features the bes...

Welcome.. To RWB..

Rygel posted Mar 30, 17

DeBuGti That is an awesome video!!

New AMS Mod Stream

Rodders a posted Mar 20, 17

After the poll on a change to more regular mod updates was a resounding yes, the new Mod Stream is up and running.

There is a new Mod Stream section in the AMS Mods section of the site. It will have regular updates posted as I add them to the server. The mods will be date stamped so when you come on you can better tell what mods you need.

I will still put up regular mod packs in the same way as before if they are more appropriate for you.

Please note that this mod stream will often be simple links to the authors post for the mods so you may need to follow their instructions to install. The mod packs will still be packaged up to self extract and install.


CaptainSloth When i click the mod section it says ''Acces denied'' Why is that?

It is indeed - the worst kept secret at RWB is out the bag it was never really in - we have a GT3 league starting on 11th March!

Full details can be found in the League Details tab HERE and below is some headline info

  • 8 weeks long
  • 7 GT3 Cars
  • All must be driven once - one can be driven twice
  • Default setups
  • Reverse grid based on league position from the 2nd race onwards
  • Mandatory pitstop
  • Track picked at random a week before the next race apart from the first track which is……………. 

Silverstone - Summer

Sign up is now open HERE

Rodders a Banksie could probably make you a skin that says Ferarri or Z4 on it when you are driving the Robin Reliant in the leagu...
RWB Sinoob Can i Race the Z4...
Helmit00 Can i Race the Ferrari....
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